Saturday, 12 December 2015

Integra Historia part 3

Greetings Vintablog enthusiasts, Your Uncle Albert here reporting progress from the G4 shelter (a.k.a. The Old Sidevalve Bar)
The line had been drawn, the edge scribbed for reference, the 'rack of the eye' put back in it's box. No more checking needed.....confident that all was well the last remaining piece of vintage speedway engine plate was firmly fixed to the vertical slide on the lathe. A brass backing plate sandwiched between to allow for thorough penetration.

Centre aligned with centre.
Not knowing what to expect when cutting with a rotobroach in the lathe caution suggested I bore small first so the 12mm was loaded for first pass.

Hey, that went surprisingly easy. I'm ready now to progress to 25mm...


Now, if this new cutting  lines up with the axle centre, the holes to clamp the anchor to the forks line up, the brake fulcrum pin mounting hole lines up.....then  celebrating by getting pissed as a weasel spring to mind....

Yeeeeha...sweet ! Just what I wanted.

POSH ! Get thee' 'sen up ta chippy for Fish n Chips twice whilst I butter a couple of slices and fill a couple of' be bloomin' quick about it !!!!!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Integra Historia part 2

As the rain and G4 pollution bounced down and off The Old Side valve Bar roof I reviewed progress on the VBobber front brake anchor. I had drilled the 2 holes for mounting the plate to the forks and another to line up with the brake fulcrum pin mounting hole (the pin will have to be modified later). These 3 all important holes had been positioned on my speedway engine plate remnant not by CAD or by a global positioning device but by measuring with a old fashioned ruler, scribbing quite a few guidelines, and trusting my non digital rack-of-the-eye.
Now, mission being to save most of this precious racing artifact gives another bridge to cross.....the edge of the plate is running central through the front wheel spindle. Just a personal thing but I think it would look pretty neat if I could bring the 2 together. Gonna need to drill half a hole.....

Note - positioned on outer side just for eyeballing purposes.
Here's what I'm thinking......could I use a rota-broach in the lathe with the plate mounted on the vertical slide? Who knows...but we soon will!

Bought myself a couple of new ones!!!!   Blimey oh Riley, did you read new? Well with the discount I got on them it's worth a go, and a challenge too so why not?

Stay tuned this is gonna test my grey cells......In fact did once hear that beer is good for the brain so.........
POSH !!!!!!! Let's start right now getting more grey matter !!! Fill every flagon I have there's no time to loose...