Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Vintafiler !

Albert here-Welcome Vintafaker fans to the wonderful world of metal filing. A useful and rewarding pastime. For very little outlay you too can join the 'Guild of Fine Filing Fellows'. Yes, buy a file, push/pull it back and forth across a huge block of metal and be amazed at the shapes awaiting to be reveiled.

So, with my file hot and ready for action I once more entered 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'. I was not disappointed, for there was metal in abundance. All waiting for the attention of my trusty rasp.
First job - Finish the second front engine mount. Far more useful if you have a pair, which I now have. Behold - Feast your eyes on these motor hangers - (Not sure yet....might drill a few holes in them, just to add to the old skool ambiance that is still drifting from the back brake plate.) Welding required next.

Second job - Start the inlet manifolds. I like brass inlets, so that's what I'm making.
Step 1 - Turn out middle to correct size using appropriate tool. (A Lathe may be useful here)
Step 2 - Hacksaw basic outer shape following super accurate cardboard template .

Step3 - Take a file and ..........yes, you've guessed it...........more filing.

Today though - 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' is closed to filers. It's brew day.........Very Very Important visitors are attending in a few weeks.
Keep checking in for the latest news.............................must dash it's time to add the aroma hops...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The party season is over for the time being at 'The Old Sidevalve Bar.
L.B.P. has gone home..... The place has been drunk dry ! (Nothin' wrong with that ! maybe !)
Life has returned to normal...
On the plus side - Now the beer has gone I can once more enter The Old Sidevalve Bar, stand next to the Virago VBobber and ponder ! Yes, I remember. I was on a mission to save Viragoperson from V-twin blandness.............I have much work to do ! Whilst I drank and danced to old irish jigs around a burning Queen Anne leg those poor devils continued to suffer. FEAR NOT ! Albert has returned !
But be warned - 'The Ammendment' of a Virago is not easy, or likely to be quick.
It takes time......Many moons have waned, many flagons have run dry, and many Jacobs have crunched with a wensleydale wedge since I started my task, but I promise it will happen....
So, today I have been mainly filing .........with the occasional drilling and sawing. The Old Sidevalve Bar was like a steam oven as my arms thrust backwards and forwards ever so slowly reducing another Yamaha silk purse into a Crackleport Sows Ear.
Lastly the chrome was 'Vinafaked' with a bit of wet 'n' dry'. Unless I'm mistaken the rear brake plate has been suitably corrected. -

And best bit about today ? - As I swept up the debris I spotted lurking under the bench, long forgotten, covered with the odd cobweb or two a bottle of Falling Down Cider...!!!!
Reward indeed.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Help me help me Oh no no... no Yeah Purple haze all in my eyes Don't know if it's day or night

Phew - It's been a heavy couple of weeks for your Old Uncle Albert. (Mainly due to the volume of lubrication)
But.............Duty called and LBP had to be pointed towards home. It was time to say our goodbyes.
Wish bon-voyage, thanks for the memories, till we meet again somewhere somehow.............

Not without an Old Sidevalve farewell though...........but crikey me, that was some do ! I'm only just pulling myself together............

Special fitment - FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY - by special arrangement
Hand pulled 'Falling Down Cider'
Plus - A fire bucket

Cheers to The Queen Anne leg. Hip - Hop - Hurray

Pulling 'Falling Down' deep into the night................

Smoke free zone !

The End