Sunday, 14 December 2008

More Filing and Turning

So....having got the flywheel back from 'Govi Engineering' I set to with the angle grinder to remove the cooling fin stubs. Once ground flush with the main body of the flywheel I continued with a file, keeping the slight curvature to the outer edge. Then polishing with wet and dry.

It was at this point that my decision to keep the inner boss intact for refitment of the starting pulley obviously was a wrong one. Firstly I didn't need this option and secondly it certainly would look better without.

A trip back to 'Govi Engineering' for a second skim was the answer. Always happy to help 'Kev the Lathe' re-sculptured the centre, leaving a defining lip for esthetical interest. Now if that flywheel doesn't look like it came straight of a 1920's speedway Douglas I don't know what does !

It's not finished yet, more smoothing with wet and dry will be needed before plating but I'm sure you get the idea !

Well...time to lock up 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' fo't night and put t' kettle on.....

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Ok 'Vintafake''s update time. Albert here reporting on news from a 'Snowy Old Sidevalve Bar'.

As I mentioned previously it was our intention to skim some of the weight from the 'Briggs and Stratton' flywheel....How much was anyones guess until done....(lets just say we would take it to the max). The flywheel was so large that there was no chance of it fitting in the Crackleport lathe, No !...... this needed a Big Mr Lathe. Just so happens ya Uncle Albert knows the where-abouts of such a piece of kit. Not a million miles fact just in the next valley tucked away amongst the old derelict mills of a market town that in years gone by was the world leader in Tops, Noils, Shoddy and Mungo. Nestled in amongst this ever increasing industrial wasteland lies a small engineering shop. Govi Engineering, known only to a select few, a beacon for British Excellence. .....engineers wi' oil down their fingernails.....with the skill to make anything / anytime.

The route to this Turning, Milling and Welding oasis takes me past the old treacle mines . Being born and bred in the treacle mining town of Pudsey instils on me the knowledge of their location. (It's a secret I must no good asking...) Suffice to say there is still a world demand for 'Yorkshire Treacle' and the underground seams are still workable, long may it continue.....

Hey Albert...enough of your ramblings , Get on with the story.........!

Yes readers....So....I'm greeted by 'Kev the Lathe'. A metal magician ! Capable of turning steel bar to gold ! Well not actually gold...but.....unique pieces of metal art !

And that's exactly what happened to the 'Briggs and Stratton' flywheel. Once an overweight a sexy shapely beauty......Once weighing in at 7.7 a curvy 5.4 kilo !

It wasn't quite possible to skim the full surface due to the afore mentioned need to keep the magneto mount in tact, so final finishing with a grinder and file is required.