Sunday, 23 November 2008

Reet Grand !

Albert here - Ya know I can't believe it's nearly a month since my last update. Shame on mi'self !

Eeeh what wi' jotting on the shared blog 'oilyracer' and keeping the peace on't homefront wi' a spot of D.I.Y. !!!!! Enough excuses Albert ! Let's catch up on what's 'appened down at 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'.

Well, the painting of the 'Briggs and Stratton' is now done. Reet Grand it looks too...

So grand in fact it forced me into making some new fittings. First off was a revised breather, forget the recycling into the inlet manifold bollocks...nah....this point's the old greenhouse gases straight t' ground. Made from a bit of 15mm copper pipe that I just happened to have after the D.I.Y. session and a brass electric box fitting, it cost nowt. Second off was mi' dummy oil pipe. Once again made from 2 scrap airline fittings and a length of 8mm copper tubing (left over this time from the Pembleton build many moons ago) Proper bling !

Last but not least...and what a find.....Yes...there was I doing mi' D.I.Y on the new kitchen, and pulling out the old boiler. (Old boiler ? nah..not the missus ! the redundant central heating one !)

There attached to the back were the most gorgeous huge brass like the same thread as the exhaust port on the 'Briggs and Stratton'....

I wasted no time getting 'um off and giving 'um a polish ! Lucky ? Yep ! The best looking one is now in position and ready for an exhaust pipe, but not any old exhaust pipe...NO ! and trice NO !

An exhaust pipe.....of such magnificence and exuberance that has not been seen before !

Thats all for now folks !