Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Working the white powder Part 4

How good was that ? Angelina stopping by to help Uncle Albert with a bit of his moulding! But a shame the paparazzi spotted a small speck or two of polyfilla on her chest.......

and then made such a big deal about it.
Anyways, luckily there's a secret back exit for quick escapes from' The Old Sidevalve Bar' so young Ang' had to make a run for it......dressed only in an old trench coat and despatch riders boots !
(Defiantly waving the V salute.....obviously meaning get 2 flagons of ale poured Posh....It's nearly bottoms up time
Despite the excitement my master tank badge blank turned out pretty neat. The next step was to be able to make several more identical ones for trial carving of the design.
"It's a good job you have contacts in the false teeth manufacturing business Albert"
"It certainly is" I replied, with a pearly white Donny Osmond style smile.....

Once again a goodly handful of tooth moulding rubber was prepared.
The 50/50 dollops were mixed quickly
and formed around the badge blank.

Same technique as they use in Melton Mowbray when making pies......which are obviously inferior to proper pork pies that are made in Yorkshireshireshire....Guiseley Growler, now there's a reet pie !
Oh, I've mentioned Guiseley Growlers before on this blog but hey why not again?
Here's where they are produced....(see the first floor window, left side)
Back to the mould- Maybe it looks more like a Bakewell Tart than a Melton Mowbary Pie....
or even has the makings of a Cornish Pasty (heaven forbid) 

I could stand it no longer, no way was I gonna mould quality tank badge blanks in a Cornish Pasty lookalike!
Flap disc in the grinder, whizz, whizz and it all looks Yorkshireshireshire quality again....
Like a wonderful Yorkshireshireshire Pudding

There ya go !
From dusty boobies to Guiseley Growlers to Yorkshireshireshire's finest puddings...
Vintafaking is one big adventure...Posh ! I'm waving two fingers at you !
Now don't be's past beer time already, I've some suppin' ta do.....