Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Integra historia

This is a Vintafake transmission from the worlds last Nokia Communicator.....G4 free....if you are receiving this message then you are one of the chosen ones......picked out to help the poor souls who have fallen into the matrix......Good to have you on board.....God help the fallen, it was their fault, resistance is possible...Turn ya phone off and get a life!

Saving the worlds #ouwenbrol is up to us, it isn't going to be easy. We are few...the matrix has captured many....Our work must continue despite the odds.

So, what's happening Alb?

Next project in The Old Side valve Bar is to fabricate a front brake anchor for the mighty powerful BSA C15 hub I have grafted into the VBobber forks.....
How fortunate that I process such a piece of..?????.....indeed...!!!!.. a piece of what..???

According to legend, (tales told to me in my Dads workshop near 50 years ago) Dad told me the stack of shaped aluminium pieces he had under the bench were speedway bike engine plates. Pheeeweeee, if Dad told me then it's true!!!! Blimey... There were quite a few, over the years these have been chopped\reshaped  to make other things, in fact a few I remember were somehow fabricated into a dingy trailer to hold the axle. (the mind boggles)
Sad, but only one offcut remains.
I'm going to build it into the VBobber. Take a minute to admire the sharp edges that were cut in the late 40s, early 50s.....(ignore the rough hacksawing for they know not what they were doing)
Were these plates really cut to hold methanol burning J.A.P. engines to ride the shale?

Don't know how this will turn out but I want to keep as many of the sharp edges as I can. Doesn't matter to me if it doesn't look good, it's about Integra Historia..
It would be criminal to deny appreciating eyes to see all that remains of this precious artifact.

Posh!!!!!Cricky. it's beer o clock..Pop a cap and pour me a cold one....first one ain't gonna touch the sides?