Friday, 5 October 2018

Chinese Explosion/Fire Cracker

Greetings Vintafake fans. Good news.....I survived the explosion !!!!! The Chinese manufactured LED headlight bulb didn't!!!! In fact it was that very item that was responsible for casting me into the darkness. Well not really darkness because I was almost in it before things went from bad to worse. Mainly because the amount of light being emmitted (pre-bang)) from this chinese diode pack would have made Joseph Lucas laugh from his grave...
Little did he know that the Chinese bulb makers were secretly planning world domination, not with tungston wire and glass but a semiconducting device with two terminals.....requiring only milliamps to do its evil work.
Unfortunately for Ching Chong China Man more planning needed, some sort of short circuit seperated several of the components and I had a headlamp bowl of stop dustbin.

Bring back the chinese lantern I say......or a lup of carbide under a water dripper
Oh and did I mention if the chinese diode doesn't get you then the G4 radiation will....once again beware of china and its electrical communication products that look innocent enough but download the matrix into unsuspecting minds...and of course control free time, who knows the long term effect...!

Oh it's Beer o'clock. Homebrew Porter on tap....Fighting the matrix and chinamen will have to wait.