Monday, 21 October 2013

Reality.....Live action TV Episode 2

Tonight is the night ! Action from the 'Get Go'
Yes, lets feeeeeeeeel the Get Go vibration.....the heat of the moment......the sensual explosion as we peel back the rubber to reveal Vintafakeness in it's purest form

It will only take as long as it takes to read these words to know the outcome of the live from The Old Sidevalve Bar Lucas Switch Repair.

Disciples of Vintafake, gather round for you will I am sure recount to others what you are about to witness....
Those who may shock easy are advised to look away now.......

Posh - Let's bless the reborn with a beer......and then another...
Raise our flagons to False Teeth Moulding Compound !

That's the power of Vintafaking - Keep the faith

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Reality.....Live action TV

Greetings Blog world.....Keanu Cracklefart here....

Indeed my dear internet chummlies, this is a never before attempted blog....
I shall broadcast life from the hub of the Kingdom of Virago, anything could happen so hold on to your most treasured belongings................Tonight we gonna rock !
Oh yes, tonight we will start Vintafaking on level 2 !!!
Here's the action so far........
Poor Lovely Maroon.......her little light switch had seen better days......chipped and needing replacement
Woooooow ! We don't do replacement here in The Old Sidevalve bar unless there is no other option.....
No Sir !
Just imagine, way back in 1950's some guy turning the light switch.......leather gauntlet covering that cold hand, snow falling, goggles and pudding basin helmet...wishing he was home......Hell fire ! where do all these thoughts come from ????
Anyway, you get the picture.....History.....I can prolong it's life, it's soul, it's heart....I think.....
I need to repair the switch......I owe it to the old guys from the past.....
Now, it just so happens that I have contacts......Contacts in dental circles, contacts who along with a pearly smile can help on this matter.
These dental bods have access to false teeth moulding compound.....
That's just what Lovely Maroon needs..... some sort of falsie!"!!!!! To cover the gap.

Now, you  understand that this has never been attempted before don't you.
No if anything goes wrong...Hey, it's just part of pushing boundries further than ever thought possible..........Don't blame me....I only type this stuff...

Step 1
Mix a quantity of moulding compound and apply to the good half of the switch, this should give me a 'perfect' mould to use on the bad side....

Step 2.
Check and stand back in astonishment....Boy Oh Boy.......this could work. Look at the quality of the replicating.......almost as well replicated as 'Seven of Nine' !!!!

Denture mould ready for action.....Lovely Maroon will soon have a set of 'Falsies'
Not the worlds best picture but this is live Vintafaking  so, epoxy resin coloured with black engine enamel has been poured into the mould before the switch was repositioned ready for 'Falsie application'
We have now got to set this aside overnight whilst the epoxy cures.....
Which of course means that a couple of Flagons can be lifted between episodes....
In fact.................more than a couple of flagons have been lifted as it's a slow curing epoxy ( crafty hey ?)
Posh....I'll have another.......the glue is still wet !

Tomorrow.....Vintafaker fans.....we open the mould !


Tune in tomorrow for more Vintafake T.V.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Family Album stuff

Old Racing, With Her Eyes Closed Giclee Print

Alberto & Posh.

Crikey old chap.....
I need a flagon of ale to calm mi down after that wild ride !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 11

Greetings, Crackleport here....
Yep ! No saving the world this weekend.....No sir ! I'm busy !!!!!
I've got me some parts for Lovely Maroon's gearbox so let's get down 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' and start fettling.
The gears and casings had cleaned up a treat a while back but now with new bearings fitted his little antique is soon going to be shifting those cogs like BSA intended (Hum !!!!!)
Take a good look now cause this is the last you'll be seeing of these little fella's for quite some time.

It's beer o'clock
It's goodbye from Posh
and it's goodbye from me.
Quoniam amicus meus iter ad bibendum ex animo lifes divitias iacet per lagenas ceruisie veneficiis.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Parallel shifter - Same world but different

Keanut here - Hello. I'm beginning to get confused !!!!! Oh no !!!!!! Not Confusion.....with a capital 'C' It's a good job you readers have taken the anti-confusion medicine ...........and are still able to keep finding a way through the digital maze to Vintafake base camp. ....Yes, my dear Vintafaking peeps.... The sands of time are slowly but surely slipping through the hour glass....We must press on with this quest......we must save planet earth.....and all the Viragos that abide within it !!!!! Keep reporting for duty and we will succeed.
Power to the Peeps.......and all those who dare enter The Old Sidevalve Wormhole

But why am I, Keanut Crackleknees confused ?
This tank work is taking it's toll......First I'm working on Lovely Maroons fuel holding vessel and then in a flash I'm rubbing my hands all over the VBobbers curvacious 12"er !
Two balls in the air !  Two tanks at once ! Two creative thought's running loose in one brain !
Phew.......Pushing the limit of multi-tasking for sure.....

Anyways, successfully multi-tasked work done on the VBobber is as follows....
Using offcuts of brass, (which were produced whilst creating the Headlampius Mantodea) I soldered these afore mentioned offcuts to 2 conveniently placed pressings on the underside of the VBobber tank, drilled and tapped them to some old BSP type thread so they could accept threaded adaptors.....which in turn will accept a balance pipe....thus allowing fuel to flow magically between each side...thus ensuring that fuel is always available at the tap.....thus and thrice thus...blah blah....

How good is that ? I now have 2 very large sticking up thingies !!!!!
Pleasing to the eye and hard to the touch....
Posh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Greetings....and welcome to The Vintafaker Blogspot. An oasis of real life in the vast desert of Bullsh*t
This is a jotting made of nano powder that exists purely to help the lost souls who spend hours locked within Googles addictive web. Yes, the digital tentacles (or should it be digital testicles) are slowly pulling them neared and nearer to the matrix. Time is running out...WHO WILL SAVE THE WORLD ?
I (Keanu Crackiki-Nagasaki) am working tirelessly to save a small part of the internal combustion engine world for future generations. does that count ? I think so ! Viragos included.

Should all attempts fail then I have found these plans detailing how to construct a time machine, Looks an easy build. What can possibly go wrong. We (The Falling Down Cider Appreciation Society)  travel back to the 1980's and do the long hot summer of love crap all over again......I suggest preparations start immediately to source parts. It could be a good laugh.

Not chinese parts mind !!!! We will never break free of the earths gravitational pull with gears made from re-cycled T.V.s, micro-waves and washing machines. No ! These need to be proper Indian Royal Enfield gears !!!!!!

In the meantime I thought a few hours on Lovely Maroon would be a good way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon... so I made myself a couple of 3/8"BSP to 1/4"BSP adapters for the fuel taps I had purchases a couple of months ago and then whilst in the mood made a pair of Old Skool type fuel filters from sheet brass gauze.

Smart as 'owt !!!!  Thanks to Big Bertha and Ye Olde Copper Iron...
We like soldering down in The Old Sidevalve Bar'......It's hot and smokey, with an odd splash of flux.
Proper men's work !!!!!!!!

Posh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Flagon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!