Sunday, 29 December 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 12

Albert here......opening the portal to Vintafakeland......Step this way......
Only those who really believe the power of old skool will see the pathway.....
(Should you still be on the wrong side of your p.c. then maybe you have embraced too much tablet and G4 technology ? There's always hope.......cast aside those shackles of the modern world they will be the downfall of humanity......)

I'm glad you made it through the vintawormhole for I have a small update to report on 'Lovely Maroon' (the BSA B31 that time forgot.)
Thanks to my good friend Koen over in Belgium at Oilyracer H.Q. I am the proud owner of some unique waterslide transfers.....

These have been created to reflect Speed Hill Climbing success in the 1980's for J.H. Racing
(Full story is here on the superb Eat The Rich blog so I won't go through all that again just click the link)
I know the bike is 1950's and the transfers are 1980's but ain't that what vintafaking is ? A reflection of time passing and the visual stories.
So, using the skills I learned at 10yrs old attaching RAF roundels to Airfix 1/72 scale Spitfires I slid the precious transfer into position on the fuel holding vessel of Lovely Maroon !

Now ain't that reet darn gorgous ?

Posh.....pour me a flagon of that special brew.....
lets raise a jug (or 2) to times past....

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Empire ! The sacrifice....the linen bandages....and the holy scriptures of BSA wiring....

It is time ! The Crackleclock has struck the hour.............The bell tolls........BOING ! BOING ! BOING !
This is the moment.....Dah ! Dah ! Daaaah !
Bring forth the sacrificial Indian for it is written in the etchings of early shed dwellers that it is the duty of the pure and untouched to keep the old and knackered fully functioning for as long as possible.....

The specially selected Royal Enfield headlamp switch had arrived from it's motherland wrapped in swaddling. Once stripped naked and laid on the operating bench pre-op inspection could begin. Be warned - The surgical procedure is extremely complex, and of a micro-nanoscopic scale. Not to be undertaken by trainee Vintafakers or Polish sausage stuffers (no matter what experience they claim to have in handling small parts!!)
Luckily your Uncle Albert was well aware of the task that lay ahead. I would conduct the operation looking through the Hadron-Crackle-Collidor Magnificationiserscope.
At first glance the donor appeared to be of a similar breed to the Genuine Lucas (with optional large Knob)
Vital organs were prised away from the donor and transferred to the recipient. Progress was slow and methodical......The hours ticked by, day turned to night, days to weeks........(as you are well aware if you have been logging into the Vintafaker Blogcronical regularly) I 'Albert Crispy-Cracker would and could not give in...This was far too important a mission........I was help save 'Lovely Maroon'

One life donated - One life saved?
Hum ! Here's where the sacrifice to help Lucas (with the large knob) to once more light the road to freedom seems to have taken a sideways step....In fact maybe a small (teeny-weeny) step backways.

Houston, we have a problem....
The donor parts are not compatible....Over
Copy that Albert. You have a problem with your parts. Shall we send the Polish Sausage Stuffers? Over.

Assembled and ready for electrical current throughput testing it was evident that the switch had far more electrical terminals than Lovely Maroon could ever wish for. The holy scriptures of BSA wiring gave little clues, the ancient tongue of  'Haynes Manual' could not be deciphered either.
Only through the power of Google could the knowledge of BSA pilot, dip and main beam terminals be learnt

The Indian donation was in vain......hope where hope was not needed........ complication where simplicity was built in already.
Many thankies Mr Chawla for sending your best made Royal Enfield Headlamp Switch but it turned out Lovely Maroon is a dynamo model and doesn't need the extra springy thingies that your good friend Albert thought were lost. Nay, they were fit only to later alternator machines.....

Posh ! 
I need beer.....
and plenty of it!

Prognosis- It is evident that through analysis of variance ecological theories and hypotheses that Lucas replica switches are unusually complex because of natural variability in space and time. Additional multi replication throughout Asia over the last 60 years has changed the tolerance of build and thus there is no route back to 1950 for the present day Indian Royal Enfield Headlight Switch.....
Trapped in it's own time....forever 2013. Long may it remain so !!!!!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Empire ! The sacrifice....and the linen bandages..

This is the Vintafake World Service. A free to join information channel that transmits around planet earth, warning of the digital dangers of iphone complacency.....and other hidden transmitted irritations....
Surely satisfaction can be gained by methods other than a gadget with electronic vibrations and ringtones ?

Read on and I guarantee there will be an itching in your loins......a need to scratch away the old crusty bits of the past and let cool fresh air blow a sense of freedom around the glands of life.

The time is here. The hour is upon us. I will now cut into the encapsulation bag.........wish me luck.
Sights unseen since the volunteer headlight switch was embarmed in the Royal Enfield mummification department..
Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!

The bandages are off - The fresh virginal Indian donor at first glance appears a suitable candidate despite being of slender years and will be sacrificed honourably in 'The Temple of the Sidevalver' giving vital organs to Lucas 'The Prince of Darkness'.
Posh ! Our job is done for now. Fill my goblet with The Elixir of Life......for.that powerful potion of fermented apple juice will guarantee safe journey through the night........and ward off the evil snore monsters.....

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Empire !

Greetings to all Vintafakebloggergoogleloggers.....I'm here and ready.....Ineeeeed - ready and able......of sound mind and body..........maybe ? (I am steering this blog under the influence of only a couple of Wilko's finest homebrew ciders.....Phuff...wheres the 'arm in that offizer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hic !!!!!!!!!!
Yes...for those who are unfamiliar with real shed vintering ......(Ha ! My spellchecker has yet again reminded me that 'Vintering is a new word in the world of motorsickle recycling and correctickleness..
Log it in thy memory..for we are yet again the first...many will follow.......
So, I Alberteeeee Cracklepop have news....and here it is ....
Behold the Lucas Switchikle! (with the optional large knob!!!!)
Smart as 'owt !The false teeth moulding compound had indeed created an almost invisible join in the Lucas Headlight Switch. Much flagon lifting followed. In fact many days (and nights) of flagonising was undertaken. All in a good cause you understand for this was technical science at the edge of humanity...
In the cool light of dawn a realisation that all may not be well began to materialise.....
Unfamiliar with the finer workings of Lucas Light Switches led me into a false sense of security !!!!!
Blaaady Hell !
There's half the boooooming switch missing ! How was I to know.....?????
Some 'wag' in 1950 had lost vital parts and bodged the earth connection through the switch retaining spring....Clever and effective, but, not good enough to ensure another 50 years of bright headlightness...

Now what ? Danm and double Damn......

Hey ! Blighty didn't control the Raj Empire just for curry ! No ! out there in the East there is still chaps making replica vintage Brit motorsickle parts...velly velly cheeeeepy....

For just over £3 I purchased a Royal Enfield Headlight Switch from Chawla Auto Spares...I'm goona rob it of a body donor it will give to the needy......a sacrificial switch to help a Genuine Lucas live.

Here's Mr Chawla our man in India - A good guy !
Below - As it arrived - Carefully packed and sewn into it's own little protective sack.....
I didn't want to open it - It was too delightful on the eyeball.....

But.....It has to be done...
Stay tuned......The parcel goes under the surgeons knife tomorrow.....For a full internal investigation

In the meantime.......
(Simple words but capable of bringing much happiness)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Reality.....Live action TV Episode 2

Tonight is the night ! Action from the 'Get Go'
Yes, lets feeeeeeeeel the Get Go vibration.....the heat of the moment......the sensual explosion as we peel back the rubber to reveal Vintafakeness in it's purest form

It will only take as long as it takes to read these words to know the outcome of the live from The Old Sidevalve Bar Lucas Switch Repair.

Disciples of Vintafake, gather round for you will I am sure recount to others what you are about to witness....
Those who may shock easy are advised to look away now.......

Posh - Let's bless the reborn with a beer......and then another...
Raise our flagons to False Teeth Moulding Compound !

That's the power of Vintafaking - Keep the faith

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Reality.....Live action TV

Greetings Blog world.....Keanu Cracklefart here....

Indeed my dear internet chummlies, this is a never before attempted blog....
I shall broadcast life from the hub of the Kingdom of Virago, anything could happen so hold on to your most treasured belongings................Tonight we gonna rock !
Oh yes, tonight we will start Vintafaking on level 2 !!!
Here's the action so far........
Poor Lovely Maroon.......her little light switch had seen better days......chipped and needing replacement
Woooooow ! We don't do replacement here in The Old Sidevalve bar unless there is no other option.....
No Sir !
Just imagine, way back in 1950's some guy turning the light switch.......leather gauntlet covering that cold hand, snow falling, goggles and pudding basin helmet...wishing he was home......Hell fire ! where do all these thoughts come from ????
Anyway, you get the picture.....History.....I can prolong it's life, it's soul, it's heart....I think.....
I need to repair the switch......I owe it to the old guys from the past.....
Now, it just so happens that I have contacts......Contacts in dental circles, contacts who along with a pearly smile can help on this matter.
These dental bods have access to false teeth moulding compound.....
That's just what Lovely Maroon needs..... some sort of falsie!"!!!!! To cover the gap.

Now, you  understand that this has never been attempted before don't you.
No if anything goes wrong...Hey, it's just part of pushing boundries further than ever thought possible..........Don't blame me....I only type this stuff...

Step 1
Mix a quantity of moulding compound and apply to the good half of the switch, this should give me a 'perfect' mould to use on the bad side....

Step 2.
Check and stand back in astonishment....Boy Oh Boy.......this could work. Look at the quality of the replicating.......almost as well replicated as 'Seven of Nine' !!!!

Denture mould ready for action.....Lovely Maroon will soon have a set of 'Falsies'
Not the worlds best picture but this is live Vintafaking  so, epoxy resin coloured with black engine enamel has been poured into the mould before the switch was repositioned ready for 'Falsie application'
We have now got to set this aside overnight whilst the epoxy cures.....
Which of course means that a couple of Flagons can be lifted between episodes....
In fact.................more than a couple of flagons have been lifted as it's a slow curing epoxy ( crafty hey ?)
Posh....I'll have another.......the glue is still wet !

Tomorrow.....Vintafaker fans.....we open the mould !


Tune in tomorrow for more Vintafake T.V.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Family Album stuff

Old Racing, With Her Eyes Closed Giclee Print

Alberto & Posh.

Crikey old chap.....
I need a flagon of ale to calm mi down after that wild ride !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 11

Greetings, Crackleport here....
Yep ! No saving the world this weekend.....No sir ! I'm busy !!!!!
I've got me some parts for Lovely Maroon's gearbox so let's get down 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' and start fettling.
The gears and casings had cleaned up a treat a while back but now with new bearings fitted his little antique is soon going to be shifting those cogs like BSA intended (Hum !!!!!)
Take a good look now cause this is the last you'll be seeing of these little fella's for quite some time.

It's beer o'clock
It's goodbye from Posh
and it's goodbye from me.
Quoniam amicus meus iter ad bibendum ex animo lifes divitias iacet per lagenas ceruisie veneficiis.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Parallel shifter - Same world but different

Keanut here - Hello. I'm beginning to get confused !!!!! Oh no !!!!!! Not Confusion.....with a capital 'C' It's a good job you readers have taken the anti-confusion medicine ...........and are still able to keep finding a way through the digital maze to Vintafake base camp. ....Yes, my dear Vintafaking peeps.... The sands of time are slowly but surely slipping through the hour glass....We must press on with this quest......we must save planet earth.....and all the Viragos that abide within it !!!!! Keep reporting for duty and we will succeed.
Power to the Peeps.......and all those who dare enter The Old Sidevalve Wormhole

But why am I, Keanut Crackleknees confused ?
This tank work is taking it's toll......First I'm working on Lovely Maroons fuel holding vessel and then in a flash I'm rubbing my hands all over the VBobbers curvacious 12"er !
Two balls in the air !  Two tanks at once ! Two creative thought's running loose in one brain !
Phew.......Pushing the limit of multi-tasking for sure.....

Anyways, successfully multi-tasked work done on the VBobber is as follows....
Using offcuts of brass, (which were produced whilst creating the Headlampius Mantodea) I soldered these afore mentioned offcuts to 2 conveniently placed pressings on the underside of the VBobber tank, drilled and tapped them to some old BSP type thread so they could accept threaded adaptors.....which in turn will accept a balance pipe....thus allowing fuel to flow magically between each side...thus ensuring that fuel is always available at the tap.....thus and thrice thus...blah blah....

How good is that ? I now have 2 very large sticking up thingies !!!!!
Pleasing to the eye and hard to the touch....
Posh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Greetings....and welcome to The Vintafaker Blogspot. An oasis of real life in the vast desert of Bullsh*t
This is a jotting made of nano powder that exists purely to help the lost souls who spend hours locked within Googles addictive web. Yes, the digital tentacles (or should it be digital testicles) are slowly pulling them neared and nearer to the matrix. Time is running out...WHO WILL SAVE THE WORLD ?
I (Keanu Crackiki-Nagasaki) am working tirelessly to save a small part of the internal combustion engine world for future generations. does that count ? I think so ! Viragos included.

Should all attempts fail then I have found these plans detailing how to construct a time machine, Looks an easy build. What can possibly go wrong. We (The Falling Down Cider Appreciation Society)  travel back to the 1980's and do the long hot summer of love crap all over again......I suggest preparations start immediately to source parts. It could be a good laugh.

Not chinese parts mind !!!! We will never break free of the earths gravitational pull with gears made from re-cycled T.V.s, micro-waves and washing machines. No ! These need to be proper Indian Royal Enfield gears !!!!!!

In the meantime I thought a few hours on Lovely Maroon would be a good way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon... so I made myself a couple of 3/8"BSP to 1/4"BSP adapters for the fuel taps I had purchases a couple of months ago and then whilst in the mood made a pair of Old Skool type fuel filters from sheet brass gauze.

Smart as 'owt !!!!  Thanks to Big Bertha and Ye Olde Copper Iron...
We like soldering down in The Old Sidevalve Bar'......It's hot and smokey, with an odd splash of flux.
Proper men's work !!!!!!!!

Posh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Flagon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Working on the 12"er...

Keanu Cracklecrispy here....Greetings! Your journey through the wilderness of Viragoshishkabab is over  Yes , the Holy Grail of Vintafake has led you to a kasbah that offers protection against electronic technology...You are now safe my friend....for this is 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'
Where motorsickles are created by old wise folk who can still co-ordinate hand and eye........and gain satisfaction from hard toil.........

So it was that your Uncle Alb has been pretty damn busy.....working on his 12"er down in the man cave. A foot wide monster that will both astonish and delight once mounted on the VBobber.
First I cut a steel plate to fill the underside and with careful whizzy whizz with the grinder made it a fit to win any perfect fit prize. Then the front fillet was cut and shaped....

It was at this point that I realised that I could fit the front and back sections before the underside and achieve
an almost weld free top....Fully skilled 12" manufacturers will probably know that already but hey.....this is manufacturing in it's rawest state.....solving the engineering problems and creating more....
reactional and counter reactional.. Cut and thrust all in a 6ft x 4ft shed....
So....let's fit the front...because I can
And finally just to test my thought of sealing the weld with solder I did one side. I wanted the tank to look like it was created with solder joints and I had previously thoroughly cleaned the joining area...Hum, Not clean enough.....A bit of a fight ensued with a variety of fluxes, various solders, a large copper headed soldering iron and of course Big Bertha (the residential blowlamp)......
Did manage to get the desired result in the end...
Posh ! Mi throats burning with the flux fumes.....I need a long slow gargle.

Fill mi flagon with buttercup syrup.  

Thursday, 26 September 2013

This is Captain Interseptor calling.....are you receiving ?
Captain Interseptor calling the world........Do you hear me ?
This is Captain Interseptor calling the Virago freedom bloggers........
Ssshhhh ! It's really me ! Keanu Cracklitus ! I'm transmitting a mayday message from the garden for I fear the worst........
Further to my blog entry regarding the free G4 filter it has come to my knowledge that the Blighty government have actioned eavesdropping on Belgium transmissions.........Hey ! I transmit to Belgium !
Check out this link 'Operation Socalist'   The weasels in the listening station on the Yorkshireshireshire moors could well have turned the antenna towards The Old Sidevalve Bar ???? maybe....? by mistake ? Nah !?!

What if the G4 filter is a secret spying device......what if its also records video....what if it's recording my every move ???? eeeek !

I'm telling you all now....Before you know it there will be a tax on G4......

Posh ! I can't feel mi's bloody dark in here......

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 10

It must be tastic-tank week !
Keanose Crackleportie here-  In a bid to achieve as much as possible before the G4 radiation effects from the (secretly built) local transmission mast take hold of me entirely I am posting a couple of pictures of 'Lovely Maroons' fuel holding vessel. Now wearing it's pin strips with pride.
Blimey peeps ! The gold paint took some finding......only time will tell if the choice was a good one but I decided on an ebay special brake caliper paint that claims to be oil, petrol, heat....and all that similar stuff resistant.

Posh ! It's well past the beering hour.........Pass mi flagon.......

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What did I tell you !

Albertiso Keanuisi Cracklporticusto here.....
Greetings Peeps ! Glad you are hanging on for the ride.
This blog is mainly about motorsickles. That's because they're pretty damn important. But ! and it's a Big Butt ! (Yes, more of an arse type butt than a pronoun in the Blighty vocabulary) there's another  important subject which I must write and broadcast to all you bloggy peeps, for you deserve to know the truth...
Your Uncle Albertiso has chosen to live without a mobile phone ! Indeed it is amazing BUT possible.In fact it doesn't hurt one bit.
A happening yesterday confirmed this is extremely wise move because the consequences of accepting this technology and more to the point using it will eventually destroy ALL mankind ! Then who'll ride all the motorsickles ?
So, what happened......through the letterbox dropped a small brown package......Didn't order it from no online adult shop you understand.....oh no, it was a free gift for 'The Householder'. Limited edition but because I lived in a certain area I got one...
What did you get old chap ?

It's a TV filter......that eliminates interference from G4 phone signals. I'm one of only 90,000 UK residents to get one........Chosen due to living near a mast..........CHUFFIN MAST ! WHAT MAST ? Who's put a mast up without my knowledge? and more to the point where.....probably hidden inside the church steeple.....(them local choir folk will do anything for money...).
If anything happens to me you all know why !!!!! I'm telling ya all now... 
This phone stuff fries inside your head.

Posh ! Come on ! Let's warn the neighbours !
Oh hang's beer time. Fill mi flagon with one of your best lip smacking frothy ales.  I don't want to be thirsty when the time does come....

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Only Big Polish Sausage Stuffers Need Apply !

Eeeh up Alberti Keanui whats the buzz in the Old Sidevalve Bar asked fellow Yorkshireshireshire flagoneer Basil K.Splut ? There doesn't seem to have been any transmission lately.
So, by popular fanclub demand ! Here's the Vintafaktastic news.
I've had my fingers in a few pies of late.....bit 'o' this and then a bit 'ot' tuther so do try to keep up because this fast forward blog does not have a red button for widescreen catch-up.....(Thank goodness.)

First off then is the progress on the VBobber fuel tank. Now there's a memory test because I bought the tank way back in the distant past.......Cheap ? yes. Likely it fit a VBobber ? only with much imagination and an equal amount of metal manipulation.
I'd let the angle grinder have a play with it so I could see and assess it's full beauty....that was then.

Much impressed with its deep internal rusting I knew I had to use it...
If it was wider then just maybe it would fit my extremely powerful and hairy chested Virago speed machine carrying the precious fuel whilst I cruise the highways and byways of Blighty.
Much cleaning of weld areas has been undertaken. (Mainly because I may need to sweat some solder around the joints at a later date to stop leaks  Hey guys ! I ain't no welding superhero) 
I thought best to weld the top plate from underneath, thus hiding forever the prizewinning blobs.
Tacking first.....

Viewing progress......
Too wide?????? Nah !

Much work yet to do but look.....It's a full 12" riding 'legs akimbo' will be required.
Which I'm led to believe is a Polish Sausage Stuffers Speciality.

Isn't it Agnieszka ?

Posh ! You're always telling me size is important...

So fill my biggest flagon with ale and have a look at this 'big-boy'!!!!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

VBobber revisited

GREETINGS ! Albertioso Keanoo here to help all Vintabloggies surviving the daily digital bullshi*
Alternative lifestyle tips are my speciality along with surgical phone removal...Like an appendix - ya don't need one to live !!!!!!
Having just returned from my jolly holidays over in Arcade-land I thought I'd have a look around 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' and try refresh my remaining memory cells on what I was getting up to.
Aah yes, the VBobber. Somehow pushed into the background after the unveiling of Lovely Maroon. At great expense I have purchased a micro-chuck. That's because I need to drill a couple of holes in a tight spot. The wheel bearing in the BSA (boat anchor) brake only locates against a flange at one side. The other side is free to wander in the hub....ok for a 1960's C15 but highly unlikely to satisfy the technical edge all Virago owners have come to expect from their thoroughbred steeds. No, modification with an insert fixed internally before bearing fitment should satisfy even the most butch of the bunch.

At the moment this drilling operation is still in the planning stage. I know the chuck goes where I need it to, but...and here's a big but (or even a BIG BUTT) the chuck needs driving and more importantly it needs fixing to something for support.
So, tonight as I see it, and of course plans can change
1) Mount chuck on an internal probing arm
2) Drive chuck via belt from an external motor.
3) Don't spend much money on this one, it's only got to drill 4 holes. (low spend is the biggest challenge)
4) Don't plan when the sun is over the yardarm.....cause that's drinking time

Posh - I see no sun.....Either I've gone blind or it's Flagon time !

So, that should leave you pretty much in the dark as to whats happening, a bit like me then !!!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Temporary Transmission Adjustment Required

This is a public service announcement for all Vintafake-bloggies
Please note - For one week only I shall be in attendance at 'The Arcade', where further construction work on the 'Commer Comet' will take place.
Updates of any mechanical progress will be uploaded onto

Posh ! Never mind the sun tan lotion and swimwear...... 
Have you packed my flagon ?

See you on the other channel Vintadudes !

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 9

I'm here ....Albertu Keanu, bringing Vintafaking news from 'Sidevalve Base Camp' ...
I know all you vintablog peeps are desperate.............panting for it in tense you could explode....
Fear not, for below is a bit of something to keep your whistle wet.

The fuel holding vessel of 'Lovely Maroon' has now had the side panels plated with Belgiums finest zinc.
An honour some would say. Some would say...Wot No Chrome, but they would be the uneducated and easily led.....the one's who have fallen before the Matrix, believing that bling is a vital component of motorcycle resurrection.

Nay......'Lovely Maroon' will wear the scars.....

So, the sun is shining, it's wonderfully warm in the garden.....whoops did I say garden....I should have said temporary open air spray booth.. Yes, the type of spray booth that usually has the odd suicidal wasp and fly that want to stick to the best and wet glossy bits for all eternity...

I'm using Old Skool 1 x pack Polyurathane. Wonderful stuff, works as well on house front doors and window frames as it does on valuable motorsickle parts....

Primer first after masking zinc plating

 Now a splash of Maroon, and plenty of it..

At the moment the fuel holding vessel has been re-masked to enable a pin-strip to be applied....I did go in search of suitable paint at the local D.I.Y store but they only stocked water soluble....

WATER SOLUBLE PAINT ????????/  Get a grip......paint should have lead in it and ozone threatening V.O.C.s surely.
Water soluble paint is for 'artists' and other alternative life-stylers.    I didn't buy....

Beer time.....POSH ! Get them flagons topped up real quick.......'ave got a reet thirst.....


Thursday, 25 July 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 8

Greetings bloggies.....You have arrived !    
The Vintafaker blogspot - hotter than OK magazine...
(and of course far more educational.......just less boooooooby)
In fact I shall have that as my motto.....Albert Crackleport the Vintafaker with less booby
Forget it......that was silly...

Here's where we were..The big dipping tank is full of plating juice, the monster zinc anode has been soaking overnight, the Nokia cellphone charger is ready to accept 240 volts and convert that to mind blowing trickle of 9 volts /0.00005m/A.....Must remember to connect Positive to zinc - Negative to workpiece.
The moment has arrived......the fuel holding vessel of Lovely Maroon has been prepared and had a final brisk wire-wheeling on the area to be plated.

Somethings happenin'.......bubbling and stuff......Hey this could just work !!!!!!

2 hours later the wait is over......will the fuel holding vessel removed, washed and buffed we can inspect for damage...

Nope! No damage Chief.....

No bling on this plating.........
No boobies either......
Just a bit of Old Skool Codswallop. And there ain't no harm in that.

Blimey, the jugglington hour is upon us already....POSH ! Hurry up wi them there flagons....

Stay tuned bloggies.
Between us we can beat the Matrix......

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The BSA B31 that time forgot. Part 7

The fuel vessel 'restoration' is gathering fact it's going that blooooming fast I'm just about managing to cling on wi mi fingertips.........Tight Grip Albert - that's me and well know for it !
So, part on and be amazed...
Here's where the need for functioning memory recall will help because I'm gonna quickly flash back in time......and then forward again........(because I can) Don't get stuck halfway in the past my friend............may be best to hold on to someone who hasn't been smoking G4 Q. R. Codes if you're unsure.

Here we gooooooooooo - in reverse .......Hands up all those that remember the 2 gallon bucket of vinegar ?
Ok, time up !!!!!!!!!!!
Here we goooooooooooooooo again - fast forward........too late if you didn't remember because the story continues anyway... fragmented ?..................uncoherent ?.........can't piece together the jigsaw of life's actions ? ....all jumbled up ?.........Tip - seek medical advice on having your mobile phone amputated from your lug hole

Here's why your Uncle Albert needed many gallons of vinegar.
Gone and got myself a huge dipping bath !.........Gonna zinc plate Lovely Maroons fuel holding vessel.

How do you like my King Sized Anode ? She's a beaut ! Proper Yellow City Zinc ! Proper stuff !
Got it specially shipped to Yorkshireshireshire from a 'specialist' in Belgium.

Stay tuned......this is only the start !
Now, it's well past drinkies time..........

Where is everyone ?

Who's doing flagon filling tonight ?

Ya just can't get the staff !!!!